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Caroline Rose Fiber Arts, Fiber Artist in Lowell MA

Hi! I’m Caroline Correia, fiber artist behind Caroline Rose Fiber Arts.

Everything here is made by me, for you, with love, inside my little studio, in North Grafton, MA

I am on a mission to bring lovingly made fiber arts to everyone's home; to flip domesticity on its head; to encourage women to embrace the knitting needles, embroidery hoops, and dye pots; and to continue the age-old tradition of women - making badass stuff


Originally opened in 2009, Caroline Rose Fiber Arts, focused on handspun yarn, with wool sourced from local New England farms. Today it has evolved to include my ever-expanding interests in all fiber arts.  Caroline Rose Fiber Arts is where historical techniques meet the modern age. It includes works of embroidery, knitting, dyeing, and as always, handspun yarn.

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