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My Hygge Holiday

Christmas is usually a crazy time of year. All this work is poured into it, and it's gone in an instant. Last Christmas I started watching A Homepun House's Vlogmas and ached for the simple, joyful, and month-long holiday that she and her family enjoyed. I was determined to make that joy for myself. I made a vow to slow down this December and savor the moments. I was all hyped up on hygge, lighting candles, getting cozy blankets, decorations, and lots and lots of tea and cookies.

I am not particularly religious, but I've always loved Advent. I think it was just the anticipation of Christmas, and the sweet ceremony of lighting a candle each week. This Christmas, I started a new tradition in our family (of two) - exchanging Advent gifts. My husband and I opened one each Sunday (in reusable gift boxes I found at TJ Maxx - because #theenvironment) that focused on simple moments with loved ones and cozy nights unplugged. David's gifts included, tea, cookies and books. My gifts were all yarn with holiday colorways.

I started a Christmas Sock Knit Along to focus on a craft that wasn't just wasn't rushing to make a gift.

For my pair, I picked a self-striping yarn from White Birch Fiber Arts that I gifted myself at Rhinebeck this year.

Then, I used the very simple Favorite Socks pattern by Voolenvine and let the yarn speak for itself. I love, love, love how they turned out.

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